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Many think the name “Stiletto” comes from the boot’s often high rise up the leg. This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the name “Stiletto” in Stiletto boots has more to do with the heel than the rest of the boot. A Stiletto is simply a high-rise heel, no matter how tall the boot is.

High quality stiletto boots are made with a long steel support in the bottom of the heel. This allows the heel to be strong and sturdy under your feet while minimizing the thickness of the heel itself. A thin heel is the trademark look of a stiletto boot, which looks taller when the heel itself is thinner. Most stiletto boots manufactured today have dropped the steel support in the heel, but high-end manufacturers still exist to produce the classic stiletto shape.

The stiletto boot has a long history in pop culture, especially during the 1960s, when it was popular in Europe as part of a growing music scene. Today, the stiletto boot has adjusted into popular fashion trends, and women of all cultures appreciate the stilettos ability to add height to each step and slenderize legs. Today, stiletto boots are often paired with a high-quality denim jean for a night out, or even for a more relaxed office environment.

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Stiletto Boot Styles
The Stiletto boot is simply described with its thin heel, but it can also be made in different styles above the heel. Generally, when one talks about a stiletto, they differentiate by the different heights available.

Ankle high stiletto – The ankle-high stiletto is inexpensive due to its short size and fun in much the same way as a taller stiletto. An ankle-high stiletto is also great for people who want a shorter-height in the leg of the boot, but who do not wish to compensate on the height of the heel. An ankle-high stiletto can also be worn with many different clothing options—it can be worn as a shoe with shorts or leggings, or with longer jeans and long dress pants.

Knee high stiletto – The knee high stiletto is great for someone who wants a tall boot but does not want to impede their ability to walk. A knee high stiletto stops just below the knee, allowing for the knee to bend more freely. The knee high is perhaps the tallest stiletto available that won’t cause difficulties in walking from one place to another. However, it’s not for the inexperienced boot wearer.

Thigh high – Made popular by 1960s trends and fetishes, the thigh high stiletto boot remains a symbol of attractiveness. A thigh high boot extends to the middle thigh, and is often worn by itself. A thigh high boot isn’t for everyone, however, as one must have very thin legs to be able to fit into most common sizes available in shoe stores and non-luxury shoe centers. On the higher end, a thigh high boot can be made to fit any sizing, though do note that custom leather boots can quickly become very expensive.

Stilettos are a fun boot, and the many different choices on the market should make stiletto shopping lots of fun. Do remember that stilettos tend to be taller than other styles of boots, so shopping for a stiletto may require more trial and error before you find the perfect fit. For thigh highs, you might consider getting a custom pair made to match perfectly to your body type. Since shoes and boots tend to be a one-size fits all product, thigh highs aren’t always the perfect fit right out of the box! Everyone is shaped differently.

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