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Dingo Boots

Dingo Boots are an alternative line of boots created by the Dan Post Company. Dan Post boots, which creates some of the most popular Western-style boots, wanted to bring their designs to a new price-point. Thus, the company founded a Dingo Boots line, which manufactures less expensive boots to be more affordable for most everyone as an everyday fashion piece.

McRae Industries is the larger parent company, which controls both Dingo and Dan Post brands. The company also makes other popular boots for other lines, including John Deere, and Laredo Boots. There really is more to the company than just the name; the broad range of boots at many different price points is the reason why McRae remains one of the most popular boot manufacturers.

Dingo Boots vs. Dan Post Boots
Dingo Boots are best compared to Dan Post boots because they take on some of the very same styles, looks, and materials. However, there exist very big differences in quality between the Dan Post line and Dingo boots.

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Because of their low price, Dingo Boots are manufactured exclusively by machine, meaning you’re not going to find any hand stitching or luxury handiwork on a Dingo Boot product. Also, unlike Dan Post, which makes a considerable amount of its boots in the United States, the Dingo line is crafted almost entirely outside the borders of the United States. In particular, Mexico is a popular destination for modern boot factories. For some, this may be a big decision point, but for others, it may not be a consideration at all.

In general, the price of a boot is defined strongly by the quality of the leather used to create each individual boot. Because a Dingo Boot label is more likely to be on the lower-end of the pricing spectrum, expect to find more cow hide boots from this brand. Cow hides are durable, resistant to wear, but firm—and noticeably less expensive than more exotic types of leather. While you’re unlikely to find that a cattle hide boot has a usable life shorter than that of other leather boots, you should be sure to realize that inexpensive leathers can’t be made into the newest and hottest fashion trends. Inexpensive leathers are usually inexpensive because they are difficult to treat, die, and mold into intricate boot designs. Most colored boots in colors other than black or brown are not manufactured from cow hides, but other, rarer leathers.

Dingo Western Boots
Dingo boots are a great choice for someone who wants to own a pair of western boots without the high price tag. While Dingo boots are made of lower cost leathers, machine stitched, and presumably lesser quality in some regards, a Dingo boot is essentially a Dan Post boot design at half the price. Because of this big price disparity, those who wish to start a boot collection often start first with Dingo boots, which allow you to build a much bigger collection at the same price.

Also, their low cost makes Dingo boots great as an everyday boot that might not ever see the light of a special occasion. Their low price point makes them especially good for those who do not wish to spend a significant amount of time caring, treating, or storing their boots. Those who prefer to wear their shoes rather than care for them would be much better suited with inexpensive Dingo Boots than a more expensive Dan Post boot. Given their low cost, it is often more economical to purchase a new pair of boots than it is to repair or replace damaged soles or uppers.

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