Leather Boots

No matter what occasion you are attending, whatever style of dresses you’re wearing, there are fashionable, stylish and functional boots to complement it. Read our buying guides to ensure you get the perfect leather boots for yourself. Discover best prices and get the best deals on cowboy, dress, slouch, hiking, work, motorcycle, and riding boots. Shop online for men’s and women’s boots from popular brands including UGG, Carhartt, LaCrosse, Dr. Martens, Blundstones, Ariat, Red Wing, Tony Lama, Sorel, Timberland, Frye, Rocky, Lucchese, and Chippewa.

Leather BootsLeather is, without doubt one of the most versatile materials used to create footwear. It is renowned for its flexibility, and indeed its durability. That said, due to the wealth of leather used in the making of boots you will typically find that certain leathers are far more desirable than others. Leather boots will also come in many different shapes, sizes and styles, and there is a variety of animals from which leather is produced. Among the more popular types of leather used are calfskin, veal, nubuck, pigskin, kidskin, and full grain side leather. The most expensive of these leathers are calfskin, pigskin and kidskin, and this is typically because they are of a far higher quality than the others. The other types of leathers are a lot less expensive, and are therefore more often used in the production of casual leather boots.

There are a significant number of styles of leather boots. High heel boots are typically one of the most fashionable, and indeed popular, types of leather boots worn by women nowadays. The high heel leather boot is often deemed as uncomfortable to wear, and therefore more of a fashion statement than anything else. There is a variety of heel types to choose from, including stiletto, blade, wedge, pump, block and tapered. Thigh high boots are often referred to as thigh-length or thigh boots, as the name implies these leather boots extend just above the knees. That said, the length can vary from just over the knee to as high as almost reaching the crotch. The vast majority of thigh high boots will come with a heel, although the size will vary, but will typically be 3 inches or above. Many thigh high boots will also come with a zipper to make it easier to place your foot in. Cowboy boots are a kind of riding boot that were typically worn by cowboys. Cowboy boots will have a high heel, high shaft, rounded or pointed toe, and generally no laces. The vast majority of cowboy boots are made from cowhide leather, although there are many variations made from far more exotic materials.

Leather boots can also come in ankle height, calf height, and even hip height. It must be said that leather boots are most commonly associated with women, although there are also a number of varieties available to men. In fact, cowboy boots, as listed above, were generally worn by men many years ago, but now have a more unisex following. Leather boots will usually be waxed in order to protect them against the elements, but a little extra weatherproofing is recommended, to protect them against water. Unfortunately, water damage or damage from other elements could ruin the finish, and therefore shorten the overall life of your leather boots. It is advisable to waterproof boots before wearing them for the first time, and there are a number of different products you can use to protect leather boots.

Oil, wax or silicone based products are typically used to weatherproof leather boots, although wax or silicon may have an adverse effect of the lifespan of your boots. However, it is always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as some boots respond well to water based wax, whereas others require paste wax. Cleaning may also alter the appearance of leather boots, so you must be careful here as well. Dirt should be removed by using a leather cleaner that has been specifically made for smooth leathers. There are a number of gels, sprays, foams, liquids and creams that can be used, but, once again, it’s always best to consult the manufacturer.

You will not only find that there are many different shapes, sizes and styles of leather boots, but also a wide variety of brands to choose from. In fact, the vast majority of shoe and boot manufacturers or brand names are likely to have a selection of leather boots. They will also come in varying price ranges, and you could purchase a pair of very basic leather boots for under $50, although many of the makes and styles mentioned here will usually be far more expensive. Finally, leather boots are not merely for men and women from the adult population, and you’ll find many styles and brands available for teenagers, juniors, boys, girls and even babies.